Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For work I had the opportunity to go to China a few weeks ago. I left a couple of days before Halloween (which I was kinda sad to be gone over one of my favorite holidays). We flew into Hong Kong and ended up in Shanghai. We were there for two weeks… which is a long time! I thought I knew what to expect…. But boy, was I wrong. I never thought that I would try some of the food that I did. I tried lots of crazy stuff: Pigeon ( I just ate the meat from the body…. However, there were others that ate the entire head… including the beak), chicken feet, chicken joints, duck, shark fin, snake, goose, and there were quite a few things I tried and had NO IDEA what they even were. By the end of the trip I had pretty much had lost my appetite. But the food wasn’t the worst part…. The bathrooms were. Squat pots are not fun. They were sick!!! Getting someone else’s pee on the bottom of your pants due to the wet floor…. And while trying to squat, you are sliding all over the place. I was so grateful I never slipped and fell!! Overall, it was a good trip. I learned a lot and got to experience the Chinese culture. But I am so glad to be home and glad that I live where I do!
We went to a Chinese show one night. It was cool to see.
The Stampin Up! crew!

This is not the job I would want.... riding a bike with propane cans strapped to you. :(

This is how you pick your fish you want for dinner. You go up and point at it and they will grab it out and cook it up.

The chicken foot I tried to eat. Not good at all!!

This is what a typical day looked like in China..... such bad pollution. :(

Halloween in China!!

This pagoda we hiked up to was pretty cool.

The pigeon I ate. :(

Nice, clean sink to wash your hands.... no thanks. I think I will be okay with my
Purell. This was the worst part of the trip.... the beloved squat pots! Sick!!

Shark fin soup.....
Cherie and I sitting in a little taxi/cab thing.

The 'Chinese girl' pose! :)

Really.... what is this?! I didn't eat this.... I thought it looked like animal droppings.