Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A couple weeks ago Blake and I took our engagement pictures. We went to some random places in Kaysville and then we also went out to Antelope Island. Neither one of us had ever been there….. so it was kinda cool to see it. There were SO many bugs!! It was sick! Driving my Jeep out there sounded like it was raining. No… it wasn’t rain… it was thousands of bugs hitting my windshield. We had to go to a gas station to clean it off before we drove home because we could barely see out of the window. The next morning, I came out to my Jeep and found about 15 bugs just flying around. SICK! But overall…. The pictures were fun and turned out pretty cute.


So, I’m finally jumping onto the blog wagon! Being single and having no kids.... I really didn’t have much to blog about. But seeing how Blake and I are about to be married, I thought I should start one. Hopefully I will keep it updated!!