Wednesday, June 19, 2013

11 Days Old

Even though we got quite a few pictures of Tucker already... I still wanted to take him in to get some pics done (when he wasn't still swollen and red from delivery). We took him into get them day at 11 days old. I love how they turned out! :)

Hospital Pics

A few hours after Tucker was born, they had had a contracted photographer come in and take pics. They turned out pretty cute and I am such a sucker for pictures... so of course I had to get them. :)

He's Here!

On June 3, 2013 Tucker Blake born! He was exactly 2 weeks early! It was a Sunday evening and I went to bed feeling kinda crappy... but for the last month of my pregnancy I felt that way. I woke up about midnight and thought I wet the bed. I got up and realized I wasn't peeing my pants... and that my water had broke. I woke Blake up (who'd only been asleep about 30 minutes) and told him that I was pretty sure my water had broke. A few minutes later my contractions started and they hurt! They were getting closer together so we headed to the hospital at 1:00 am. Sure enough I was in labor and Tucker was wanting to get here! The nurse was telling me that because this was my first baby, the delivery would probably take awhile. Every time she checked me I was way further along than she thought. She was having me push a little so I was ready when my doctor came in... but there were a couple of times when she told me to stop because Tucker was ready to come and the doctor hadn't gotten there yet. Soon as my doctor came, I only pushed  a couple more times and Tucker was born. I had him at 7:32am. I was SO excited to have him here! He was just perfect! I loved that he had lots of dark hair! I was a little worried we would have a bald baby... haha! He is far from bald!
Right before we left to the hospital, I made Blake take my picture with my '38 week' chalkboard. I had to get the last pic in while I was still prego. :)