Thursday, December 13, 2012


At the end of October, first of November, we took a trip to Europe! We first went to Italy and spent just over a week there. We saw SO much! I absolutely loved it! It definitely wore me out! It was go, go, go for 10+  days, but so worth it.  Our first stop was in Southern Italy. We saw the Amafli Coast (which was one of my very favorite things to see in Italy), Pompeii, Sorrento, and Naples.

This was in Sorrento- Just before getting to Amafli...

Love this pic of the coast!

After Southern Italy, we headed north and went and saw Siena. It was a super cute little town.

MMM... Yummy gelato!

After Siena, we then headed to Florence.

Next stop was Pisa! Of course we had to see this!! It's crazy that it hasn't tumbled over after all these years.... it's still just leaning. :)

Our next stop was Verona. We saw Juliet's balcony!

OK- this is probably my favorite pic of the whole trip. This was in Venice (my other favorite place in Italy). The sunset was just gorgeous!

Every day the tide brought in so much water into the square. Luckily the water would vanish in a couple hours. If you didn't have rain boots, you had to walk on the runway to avoid getting soaked. :)

Last stop in Italy was Rome. We saw SOOO much! It was a whirlwind!



Trevi Fountain


Spanish Steps

I LOVED Italy so much! I can't wait to go back!


After spending over a week in Italy, we flew to Paris and spent a couple days there. We saw a few cool things while we were there... although the French people weren't too nice. :( We went to Versailles, saw the Eiffel Tower, went and saw Notre Dame, and went and saw Moulin Rouge. My favorite was probably the Eiffel Tower!!

I loved all these chandeliers at Versailles! So pretty!

They had the prettiest gold gates at Versailles! Sooo pretty!

As we were walking, we came across this OLD cemetery that was pretty creepy! The graves were all these little out house looking things.... creepers!!