Monday, January 16, 2012


As soon as we got married, Blake and I have talked about putting a salon in the basement. I've been doing hair for over 10 years and I have always wanted a 'home salon'. It's so nice to do hair at home rather than working in a salon. :) So, back in August Blake and his dad started on this project..... 4 months later.... this baby was done. Wahoo! I love it!

Weekend trip in December

The first part of December, Blake and I were sick of the cold. We decided to take a quick trip to St. George for a little sun and golf. We went golfing a couple times; once in St. George and once in Mesquite. The weather was great! We also decided to head down to Vegas and see a show. We ended up seeing a Cirque Soleil show... Ka. It was awesome.

Pinterest.... again

Pinterest is SO addicting! I love it! I was bummed taking down our Christmas decorations .... it just makes the house look so bare. So, thanks to Pinterest, I found a couple of ideas to decorate for the next holiday. :) Although Valentine's Day isn't until next month, I thought it'd be okay to decorate a little early. Happy early V-day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I love Christmas time! It just flew by way too quick! A few days before Christmas, Blake and I went to see the temple lights with Brooklyn and her BF, Chase. It was a lot of fun .... but SO DANG COLD! The temple lights were as pretty as always, but it was just weird there was no snow.

Dad, Brooklyn and Clinty on Christmas Day
Me and Blakey on Christmas Day
Chase and Brooklyn
Tara and Chad

I love this little girl! Brinley is so adorable!
Chase with Brinley and Mason
Blake and Brinley


This Thanksgiving came and went way too fast. As did the entire holiday season. For Thanksgiving, Blake and I were lucky enough that we got to celebrate it with both of our families. We first went to Blake's parents house and celebrated it with his family. After we ate a bit.... it was time for our second dinner. We headed to my parents and celebrated again with them. It was fun to have my aunts and their families, along with my grandma.

The entire family plus the Bertholds :)
Me and my sisters
Brooklyn and Chase
Lindsie, Rusty, Matty and Em
Emily made everyone name place cards. So cute. She made sure she colored everyone's correctly... hair color, eye color,etc. So cute!
Grandma and Emily
Clint, Steven and Krista
Blake and Mason. So cute!
Me and Blakey
The whole family. So cute!