Thursday, March 14, 2013


I’ve been HORRIBLE with updating my blog, so I thought I’d try and post something. J Rather than going back…. Cuz I’m way to far behind…. I thought I’d just start with now. J Blake and I got back from Hawaii a  couple weeks ago. Before the baby comes, I told Blake we should go on a Babymoon. I’m pretty sure he thought I was making it up, but it’s a real thing! J We decided to go to Oahu because I’d never been. It was so much fun to get away and enjoy some sun! We were both so sick of the cold, it was so nice to soak up some sun.

Pearl Harbor

Dole Plantation

Our hotel was right on the beach. Every night there was the prettiest sunsets! So gorgeous!

We went to a Luau that was super close to our hotel. It was a lot of fun- dinner and a show. :) And yes... that's a full plate of dessert in front of me. Don't worry, half of it was for me and half was for the baby. :)

Pali Lookout- IT was SOOO windy. And the minute we walked up to the point, it was a sudden down pour. :(

Diamond Head Hike

Blake really wanted me to go on this hike. I hate hiking... and being prego, having a cold, I was not excited to do this hike. It wasn't bad at all... so I'm glad he talked me into it. It was so pretty once we got to the top. :)

Right after the Diamond Head Hike, Blake told me he wanted to go see a waterfall... he insisted it that it was a FLAT walk in a bamboo forest. Oh WHATEVER! It had just rained and the trail was SO muddy. It wasn't flat at all... part of the hike you were climbing up rocks. I had to hold onto Blake the entire time because the mud was SO SLICK! We were so muddy after! The waterfall was really pretty- glad we got to see it.... but the hike itself wasn't so fun. Oh... and it rained on us... bad!

We had to make a stop at Matsumoto's to get shaved ice. Blake tried the beans in his. Not good. It was like kidney beans in a snow cone. Weird.

We had to make a stop at the temple. So pretty!

The Polynesian Culture Center. I love this place! We spent an entire day here... and I loved everything about it. :)

While we were there, we got rained on a couple of times, but then the sun would come out right after and make us sweat. Sweaty and rained on.... I looked real cute. ;)

Blake taking some lessons from the old ladies. :)

This was at our hotel... I made Blake stand on it so I could take a picture. He looks real excited to be taking this pic. ;)

Getting in a swimsuit isn't the funnest thing when you are prego... but o'well. I loved this trip. It makes me want to go back again soon. :)